Warrior Poet Short Sleeve Designs
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Hip Together nows sells 24 of Warrior Poet's Short Sleeved Designs!

Please note that we have limited inventory. For many sizes of most designs, we only have one shirt in stock. Some sizes are out of stock. If you order a size that is out of stock, we will contact you to see what you would like to do.

The Warrior Poet line is all about balance, courage, wisdom and developing the next generation of men. Pop culture says, "You’re either a lover or a fighter." The Warrior Poet says, "BE BOTH!" Go farther. Dream bigger. And look good doing it!

Here are some details of the 24 Short Sleeved designs we stock, with links to pictures:

  • Phoenix Rising. Like Phoenix rising from the Ashes and the legend it embodies, this timeless piece with Warrior Poet in metallic silver and a large phoenix on an atomic red shirt represents what is True and Lasting.
  • I've Got Your Back (Red). The Warrior Poet exudes Loyalty, letting his friends know, "I've Got Your Back!" Feeling confident that his trusty shield has his. Shield on the back of this atomic red shirt. The only sizes remaining are 4, Small and Medium.
  • Soldier of Love. A green bullet belt across the front and a guitar on the back of this black shirt for every soldier of love.
  • Live Like Heroes (Gray). Every great leader has one thing in common - a battle cry; but none more inspiring than The Warrior Poet who bravely asks, "What If We All Lived Like Heroes?" This shirt is cloaked in Valor and the battle-tested shield tells stories of legends passed down through the ages. The only size remaining is Medium.
  • Chevron Icon. A chevron icon on a kryptonite green shirt. Size 6 is sold out.
  • Save the Moms. An air guitar strung across the back and "Save the Moms" on the front of this lagoon blue shirt is a perfect shirt for boys whose mom has battled cancer.
  • Phoenix Argyle. An argyle pattern on an onyx gray shirt with a phoenix on a green shield. Sizes 5 and 6 are sold out.
  • Faux Sure. A loosened tie gives a pretty look on this purple tee.
  • Sheriff Guitar. A sheriff's badge adorns the front and a guitar across the back of this purple shirt.
  • Watch This. A three point harness and shield across the back of this rustoleum orange shirt are perfect for little daredevils everywhere! Size Large is sold out.
  • Girls Best Friend. This look is inspired by the old-world qualities of the chivalrous knight in shining armor. It is written that iron sharpens iron and The Warrior Poet understands this, preparing himself daily for what is to come. He must take on the pressures of the outside world while refining his body, soul, and mind. It is in this process that diamonds are formed, and after all, Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend. Tan, white, black and yellow argyle diamonds on a saddle tan shirt. Sizes 2T and 4T are sold out.
  • Red Writes the Blues. Imagine you're the lead singer of the band, a modern-day Poet and you also play guitar but not on this song. So you swing your guitar to your back and that's how Red Writes the Blues. Distressed red, white and blue colors with a guitar on the back of this storm gray shirt. Sizes 2T, 3T and 5 are sold out.
  • Angels & Icons. Everyone needs the Loyalty of a guardian angel and this thoughtful design blends the wings of the celestial with the icon of The Warrior Poet. Shadowed in the background is The Warrior Poet Society's Four Core Values - a guide to what is true and courageous. You see this is an age-old idea that if lived out will be felt to the shores of eternity - filled with Angels and Icons. Storm gray shirt with a knight's helmet and wings. Sizes 2T, 5 and 6 are sold out.
  • Lightning Shield. Lightning and a shield on the front of a volcano red shirt.
  • Super Hero. Super hero shield on the front and dog tags on the back of this volcano red shirt. Sizes 3T, 4T, 5 and 6 are sold out.
  • White Diamonds. White, black, gray and turquoise argyle diamonds give a classy look to this shirt.
  • Tele Love. With a classy tie on the front and a "Love" guitar on the back, this red shirt is sure to please. Sizes 2T, 3T, Medium and Large are sold out.
  • Live Like Heroes (Orange). A redesign of the classic, this shirt admonishes us to "Live Like Heroes" on the front and sports a shield on the back.
  • Thrill Seeker. Your little thrill seeker will love the vintage plane and bring lettering on this sky blue shirt.
  • Griffon Crest. A magestic griffon dominates this brilliant gold shirt.
  • Double Phoenix. A double phoenix rises to form a crest on this orange shirt. Sizes 2T, 3T, Medium and Large are sold out.
  • I've Got Your Back (Blue). The Warrior Poet exudes Loyalty, letting his friends know, "I've Got Your Back!" Feeling confident that his trusty shield has his. Shield on the back of this atomic red shirt.
  • It's Time. A classy vest and tie on the front, and diamond pattern on the back eschew the principles of the warrior poet.
  • Explore. Don't stop exploring, proclaims this green shirt for adventurous boys.
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Warrior Poet Short Sleeve Shirts

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