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What Is a Burnout?


One of the most common questions we get is "What is a burnout?"

Burnouts are a trendy, soft, lightweight shirt that are perfect for layering.  They have a lacy appearance, and should typically be worn over a tank or a cami because of the sheerness (see the picture to the right).

Hip Together offers many of our women's designs on short-sleeved burnouts, and we also sell long-sleeved burnouts (in over 20 colors!) which can either be used for layering under our designs or worn over a tank or cami.

What size do I need?

Burnouts are typically worn more fitted, so the sizes run a bit smaller than normal women's cut tees.  For our short-sleeve burnouts with designs on them, most customers like to go up a size.  If shopping for a long-sleeved burnout, especially if you're going to layer it under another shirt, we recommend staying with your size (and sometimes even going down a size) so the undershirt isn't baggy.

How are burnouts made?

While burnouts have made a huge resurgence in apparel recently, their roots trace back over 100 years to Lyon, France, where the Devoré technique was developed.  Basically, a pattern is printed onto a blended fabric (cotton/polyester for ours) using a special chemical gel which "devours" or burns out the cotton in those spots.  The fabric is then washed, dyed, and treated to make that silky, soft feel that our customers love.

How should I care for my burnouts?

Since these are made from a cotton/polyester fabric, you can wash and dry them just like normal shirts.  To give them years of use, however, we recommend the following simple care instructions:

  1. Turn the shirts inside out.
  2. Wash with your delicates.
  3. Hang them to dry.

What if I don't like burnouts?

While the overwhelming majority of our customers love burnouts, we understand that they're not for everyone.  That's why we offer most of our designs on your choice of women's burnouts, women's cut tees (not burnouts), or unisex tees.  In addition, many of them are also available in a variety of shirt colors.

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  • What Is a Burnout?

    One of the most common questions we get is "What is a burnout?" Burnouts …

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